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Exploring nature is the motive of Nature Photographic Society(Singapore)(NPSS). NPSS feels that photographs of wildlife could help to conserve nature by bringing awareness. In January 2017 , it is about to launch a unique competition which requires a short write up about the subject of the photograph along with the photograph. It can't be a random photograph, it should have all the relevant details about the subject in the picture. This initiative...
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Chronophotography : Spanish photographer, Xavi Bou's motive was to capture images of birds flight which normal human eye couldn't perceive. His love for nature, particularly birds lead him to use the technique of 'chronophotography' . Xavi used this technique for his project in ornithographics. An unique combination of technical science and creativity merge to create reminiscent images which reveals the beauty of bird's movements. Art and science of...
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