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Nature Photography by Austin Trigg: Austin Trigg is a freelance photographer from San Diego. He wants everyone in the world to enjoy nature at its best through his nature photos. According to his website,"With the passion for the outdoors, Austin finds himself in search for the perfect space and time waiting to be captured. Austin's approach is about living simply, communication and timing. He finds his creativity within his photography by bringing all those attributes to his imagery. Drawn to the wilderness and its climates, Austin plays with light to portray scenery in a more detailed and technical perspective. His passion for sharing his message with photography constantly pushes him to new heights, whether on Mt. Whitney at midnight, hanging over Taft Point at sunrise or driving throughout the night, all to get the shot". In this post we have added 20 Beautiful Nature Photography examples by Austin Trigg for your inspiration.

Shelly Space Station Photography By Austin Triggshelly space station photography by austin trigg Aiguille Photography By Austin Triggaiguille photography by austin trigg Christian Lead Photography By Austin Triggchristian lead photography by austin trigg Shelly Looking Dome Photography By Austin Triggshelly looking dome photography by austin trigg Snowsho Postpile Photography By Austin Triggsnowsho postpile photography by austin trigg Inspiration Point Photography By Austin Trigginspiration point photography by austin trigg Jasper River Photography By Austin Triggjasper river photography by austin trigg Jtree Arch Photography By Austin Triggjtree arch photography by austin trigg Malcolm Johnston Canyon Photography By Austin Triggmalcolm johnston canyon photography by austin trigg Penasquitos Canyon Beacon Photography By Austin Triggpenasquitos canyon beacon photography by austin trigg Sand Dunes Photography By Austin Triggsand dunes photography by austin trigg Scripps Pier Fog Photography By Austin Triggscripps pier fog photography by austin trigg

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