2017 It is Amazing Out There - Nature Photography Winners


Nature Photography: Weather dot com channel started a photo contest : It's Amazing Out There - for all photographers around the world. The contest received more than 50,000 submissions and 49 photos were finalized. Out of the 49 finalists, the first prize winner received $15,000, second place $5000 and Third place $2000 as prize money. The weather channel's readers can cast their vote for their favorite pictures and the picture with the most number of votes will receive $1000, second favorite fan vote $750 and third favorite fan will receive $500.

Winners from 2017 'It's Amazing out there Photo Contest

Award winning nature photography by aya okawa1-award-winning-nature-photography-by-aya-okawa Award winning nature photography by kaely carmean2-award-winning-nature-photography-by-kaely-carmean Award winning nature photography by rick beldegreen3-award-winning-nature-photography-by-rick-beldegreen

The grand prize winner Aya Okawa was on a plane over the Andalucian marshland in southern Spain in late February 2017 and she happened to see the flight of flamingoes and immediately captured the picture. The Andalucian marshland has quite a spectacular sight and this photographer has travelled to that many times before to follow her passion in photography.

These are the nature photography pictures which became the finalists in the photography contest.

Finalist nature photography by suchat pederson4-finalist-nature-photography-by-suchat-pederson Fog nature photography by ben stein5-fog-nature-photography-by-ben-stein Fox nature photography by kristofferdiekema6-fox-nature-photography-by-kristofferdiekema River shadows by aya okawa7-river-shadows-by-aya-okawa Finalist nature photography by frankie james8-finalist-nature-photography-by-frankie-james Finalist nature photography by david swindler9-finalist-nature-photography-by-david-swindler Finalist nature photography by morgan hamel10-finalist-nature-photography-by-morgan-hamel Finalist nature photography by jeff grott11-finalist-nature-photography-by-jeff-grott Finalist nature photography by david swindler12-finalist-nature-photography-by-david-swindler Serpent nature photography by whitney ray13-serpent-nature-photography-by-whitney-ray Reflection nature photography by mark andre14-reflection-nature-photography-by-mark-andre Finalist nature photography by rebecca pinnick15-finalist-nature-photography-by-rebecca-pinnick Finalist nature photography by kati seifer16-finalist-nature-photography-by-kati-seifer Finalist nature photography by christopher ciccone17-finalist-nature-photography-by-christopher-ciccone Pillar chad nature photography by briese meister18-pillar-chad-nature-photography-by-briese-meister Hippo nature photography by richard jones19-hippo-nature-photography-by-richard-jones Penguin nature photography by lawerence small20-penguin-nature-photography-by-lawerence-small Finalist nature photography by jonathan fessett21-finalist-nature-photography-by-jonathan-fessett Finalist nature photography by nathaniel gonzales22-finalist-nature-photography-by-nathaniel-gonzales Finalist nature photography by erica brotebeck23-finalist-nature-photography-by-erica- brotebeck Independence nature photography by derek burdeny24-independence-nature-photography-by-derek-burdeny Finalist nature photography by chad briesemeister25-finalist-nature-photography-by-chad-briesemeister

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