2018 International Street Photography contest entries till 2 Feb


Street Photography: It's time to explore the streets and capture stunning photos which can yourselves $5000. Motif Collective organizes regular contests to appreciate uniqueness and creativity of the photographers. This month the theme is "Street". There is an entry fee of $12 and the contest is open to all photographers(18 ) worldwide. The entries have to be submitted online and format of the images should be in JPG and size should be 1200 * 900 and the file size not exceeding 1 MB.

You can choose random subjects and location. Get creative with your frames and the stunning moments captured can make you winners. The jury will be judging based on the creativeness, the way of capturing and unique vision.

Collective $5000 for the top three photographers and additionally:

First Place also receives an additional $550 in products and services with:
A free copy of ON1 Photo RAW
A free copy of TOPAZ ADJUST
A free 6-month Subscription to MyPhotoApp​
A free 16x24 Gallery Wrap Canvas from Miller's Professional Imaging

Brain photography by tony stellenbrain photography Reflections on calatrava photography by gerald shonkwilerreflections on calatrava photography Holi celebration photography by pooja rajputholi celebration photography

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