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DJI has launched its new drone which is a miniature of drones but has an excellent performance. It weighs in at just 300 grams, but feels incredibly solid in hand in which each part from battery to rotoes, to the controller, exudes quality. Though it looks like a toy, with its functionality it stands out in the market with its peers. It has a 2 axis gimbal at the front cradles a 12 MP camera, capable of shooting 1080p videos at 30 frames a second.

Tech Specs

Dimensions :               143×143×55 mm
Weight :                          300 g
Top Speed :                    50 kmh/31 mph
Max ascent/decent speed : 3 meters per second
Max flight time :            16 minutes
Range and Altitude :     2 KM 500 m
Camera : 12 MP, 1920x1080p 30p, 81.9º FOV, 2 axis gimbal

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There is a little silicon feet at the base of the drone, providing some protection to the spark from hard impacts with the ground which also gives the camera a bit of clearence from dirt and dust when the drone lands. The battery time is 10 to 12 minutes of flight time. One of the many things that sets the DJI line of drone's apart from competitors is their impressive list of intelligent flight and video capture modes. There are four Quickshot modes which is a pretty sweet way for a person, with no video editing or drone piloting skills, to make a dramatic video in just a couple of minutes. DJI Spark is available for $499 and the Spark fly more combo is available for $699.

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