International Nature Photography Contest accepting entries till April 30


If you have a passion for nature photography, it's time to participate in Monto Photo 2017, which is an international photography contest for nature photography. Participants can send upto 25 pictures which an be distributed across the different contest categories. First you have to register yourselves in the website: . After making the payment, you can start uploading your pictures, you can also edit the pictures till April 30th. This contest is open to both amateurs and professionals across the globe.

Entry Fees

The participation fee costs 21$, except for those under the age of 18 for whom the participation is free.

Themes for the Contest

A1-Mountain: Photographs which clearly reflect high-laying mountain scenery as any other element of this natural environment.

A2-Mountain activity: Photographs that show sportive mountain activities such as alpinism, climbing, skiing, canyoning, white waters, caving or any other activity related to mountaineering.

B1-Mammals: Mammals, at any stage of their life.

B2-Birds: Birds, at any stage of their life.

B3-Other animals: Animals, at any stage of their life, not included in B1 and B2 categories, such as amphibians, reptiles, etc.

Images from B1, B2 and B3 categories should show the animal behaviour through portraits, environment or action scenes.

B4-Plant Life: Plant species in their original habitat, including fungus.

B5-Landscape: Non-harmed nature landscapes, excluding the ones from A1 category.

C1-Underwater world: Underwater taken images (freshwaters or salted waters) of flora and fauna and habitat.

C2-Macro: Images taken with the technique of close-up photography, showing tiny nature elements or tiny details.

D-Ecological report: Images showing any element or activity caused by humans (or their consequences) that affects or interferes negatively over any natural area (wild fauna and flora, land, water, air, climate or the natural scenery).

E-Art in nature: Creative compositions or abstractions based in the nature environment..

Every image must include a caption with the following information:

- Description of the image with the behaviour observed.
- The exact place and country.
- Indicate any circumstances associated and relevant to the place where the photograph has been taken (nature reserve, national park, hunting reserve, etc.).
- Technical information (i.e. camera, lens, exposure –aperture and speed-, ISO value, any specialized equipment, etc.).
-Any post-production indicated in point 7 of the technical requirements indicated in the present rules.

Previous year entries:

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