LucidPix 3D Photo creator App for Iphone and Android mobiles


Now, you can create and share 3D photos which can pop right from your Android and Iphone devices. LucidPix 3D allows you to capture 3D pictures, add fun frames and also make your existing photos into 3D. You don't need special 3D glasses to view the pictures. The advanced 3D depth AI works almost on all current and old smart phones. So whether it's an iPhone 11 or iPhone 6, you can still make your pictures into 3D. LucidPix was developed by Lucidd Inc. and it's not officially released yet. Download LucidPix for free and give 3D photography a try today!

3d photography app girl hugging dog by lucid pix3d photography app girl hugging dog 3d photography app fun frames by lucid pix3d photography app fun frames 3d photography app share creation by lucid pix3d photography app share creation 3d photography app man skateboard by lucid pix3d photography app man skateboard

LucidPix App Features: 
• Take real 3D Photos and 3D Selfies on any device
• Large collection of fun 3D Frames to add to your photos, with more added weekly
• Enhance your 2D photos with AI-generated depth to create 3D Photos with just one tap
• Easily share your 3D creations on Facebook, Instagram & more
• Take Facebook 3D Photos on any device
• Simple to use, no special skills required to take great 3D Photos
• Create videos and GIFs of your 3D Photos and Frames to share anywhere
• Capture virtual reality content to be used with your favorite VR headset
• App under development, more features added weekly



LucidPix 3D App for Iphone | Android

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