Photolemur - Automatic Photo Editing App for MacOS


Mac Photo Editing App : Photolemur makes your photos better with the help of computer science and artificial intelligence. Photolemur is the world's first truly automated photo enhancement solution.It bridges the gap between what your eyes see and what your camera captures. In real life no camera is powerful enough to transmit the actual beauty of the world that we see with our eyes.This is what Photolemur does. All by itself. Beta version is available for Mac OS.

With just one click the images are enhanced with out spending hours together. Photolemur processes millions of pixels per second for the images fed. The app can straighten horizon, remove haze and enhance skies as needed. According to its website,"Photolemur is powered by an algorithm that took years to develop. It performs a complex analysis of each image it’s fed, processing millions of pixels per second. It can detect faces and other objects, and performs adjustments accordingly. The app can do anything from straightening horizons to removing haze to significantly enhancing skies, depending on what’s needed. This process happens quickly and automatically, with the only user-controllable option being a slider at the bottom of the screen with “Realistic” on one end and “Vivid” on the other".

Twelve discrete technologies :

- Color recovery,
- Sky enhancement,
- Exposure compensation,
- Smart dehaze,
- Natural light correction,
- Foliage enhancement,
- Tint perfection,
- JPEG fix,
- Horizon straightening
- RAW processing

The two remaining features, noise reduction and face retouching, aren’t currently turned on in the beta. It has clean and simple user interface and it does include support for batch processing(20 photos at a time for current version).

Photolemur AI Image Editing ScreenShot:

photo lemur editing app photo lemur editing app photo lemur editing app photo lemur editing app

Download free beta version for MAC-OS :

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