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Adobe photoshop mix is an amazing photo editing tool to put together two photos and create one beautiful image. It works in a very simple manner. You need two photos,one as a background and another to superimpose on top. Then use your fingertip to select the part of image to be superimposed,so that the rest disappears once both the pictures are merged. Photshop mix can be integrated with creative cloud which gives you an opportunity to work with other desktop apps like photoshop and lightroom.

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Features of Photoshop Mix :

  • Combining : Using layer opacity the cut images can be merged and sophisticated blends can be produced.
  • Enhancing : Enhance or adjust an image or apply one of over a dozen looks to select areas or your entire image.
  • Sharing : The photoshop mix edited images can be uploaded to Behance community to get feedback and kudos.
  • Do more on your devices : Images can be moved between photoshop mix and photoshop fix to get a complete picture. Or editing can be done with apple pencil on your iPad Pro .

Apart from this there are dozens of filters to your pictures and also adjust the levels of exposure,brightness or contrast.

Visit Adobe to Know more on the product : www.adobe.com

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Android : play.google.com/store/apps/details
iOS : itunes.apple.com/app/id885271158

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