15 Mesmerising Minimalistic Photography Works around the World


Leonardo da Vinci has rightly said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and that suits exactly as a definition for minimalistic photography.  Minimalist photographers point to their exact target and no diversions covered in the picture to distract the viewer.  It contains minimum colour palettes, geometric shapes, straight lines avoiding extra spaces with a single focal point.  The negative space is an important factor to determine the impact of the picture and your subject.  The minimalist photographers carefully decide on the composition and isolation of their objects inside the frame so that it doesn't lose its importance from the viewer's point of view.  The colours should compliment each other whether it is black and white or some bright colours as they certainly add to the beauty of the photograph.  Here we share a few minimalistic photography works for you to enjoy.

Minimalist Photography Window By Didier Bourderonnetminimalist photography window by didier bourderonnet Minimalist Photography Single Man By Alexandr Shinkarevskiyminimalist photography single man by alexandr shinkarevskiy Minimalist Photography Abstract Boxes Window By Josh Larsenminimalist photography abstract boxes window by josh larsen Minimalist Aerial View Photography Red Carpet By Na Ki Hwanminimalist aerial view photography red carpet by na ki hwan Minimalist Photography Cycle By Bruno Van Der Kraanminimalist photography cycle by bruno van der kraan Minimalist Photography Abstract Man Stairs By Raphael Kohminimalist photography abstract man stairs by raphael koh Minimalistic Photography Hawaii By Jerre Steadminimalistic photography hawaii by jerre stead Minimalist Photography By Woman Juan Gomezminimalist photography by woman juan gomez Minimalist Photography Woman By Paolo Siragusaminimalist photography woman by paolo siragusa Minimalist Photography Man Climbing Stairs By Rumu Neelminimalist photography man climbing stairs by rumu neel Forced Perspective Minimalist Photography Shadow Man By Fabio Goriforced perspective minimalist photography shadow man by fabio gori Minimalist Photography Planes By Jacek Palczynskiminimalist photography planes by jacek palczynski Minimalist Photography Single Tree By Pietro Olivettaminimalist photography single tree by pietro olivetta Minimalist Photography Treeminimalist photography tree Minimalist Photography Boatminimalist photography boat
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