10 Vibrant Makeup and Beauty Photography Trends of Gen Z


Beauty according to Gen Z is just being one's own self, makeup to hide imperfections are old fashioned,  Major part in the change goes to the influencer culture of social media which brings out self-expressions and breaks down gender barriers.  Today's cosmetic industry has something for everyone from a holographic stick to sunshine oil.  Social media influences the selection of brands and the new generation is conscious about their skin care which is proved by the increase in sales of skincare products.  Instagram moments are nowadays impressing the teens and they choose a store that provides appealing instagram worthy fashion moments.  The younger generation is considered as powerful spenders and the beauty industry is shifting its trends to suit the needs of young minds.  Beauty in today's sense is being bold with imperfections. Let us scroll down to see the vibrant makeup and beauty photography trends around us.

Beauty Photography Colourful Abstract Makeup By Oleg Gekmanbeauty photography colourful abstract makeup by oleg gekman Beauty Photography Black Graphic Makeup By Vicky Randombeauty photography black graphic makeup by vicky random Beauty Photography Makeup By Dahyembi Joibeauty photography makeup by dahyembi joi Beauty Photography Colourful Makeupbeauty photography colourful makeup Makeup Beauty Photography By Arsenii Gerasymenkomakeup beauty photography by arsenii gerasymenko Beauty Photography Harajuku Fashion Makeup By Angela Perezbeauty photography harajuku fashion makeup by angela perez Makeup Beauty Photography Gold Teal By Angela Perezmakeup beauty photography gold teal by angela perez Makeup Beauty Photography By Angela Perezmakeup beauty photography by angela perez Makeup Beauty Photography By Viktor Ribchezmakeup beauty photography by viktor ribchez Makeup Beauty Photography By Anna Konechnainamakeup beauty photography by anna konechnaina

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