20 Double Exposure Portrait Photo Manipulation Ideas By Alon Avissar


Double Exposure Photo Manipulations

Double Exposure: Double Exposure photography is an old technique used by photographers for many years by combining two images into one single photo. You have the adobe photoshop software which allows you to tweak around the original photographs to convert them into double exposure photographs. When you look at these double exposure photographs often they are mistaken for photo manipulations. Double exposure allows to create ghostly effects, mirror images or even showing the blood moon. Through double exposure photography, photographers can make heaven and earth meet. In this post we have added 20 Stunning Double Exposure Portrait photography by Alon Avissar for your inspiration. Photographer Alon Avissar is from Washington and he is a creative art director and Illustrator who has been working on creating beautiful Double Exposure portrait photography since 2013.

Red Rose Double Exposure Alonred rose double exposure alon Rose Double Exposure Alonrose double exposure alon Head Double Exposure Alonhead double exposure alon Leaf Double Exposure Alonleaf double exposure alon Feather Double Exposure Alonfeather double exposure alon Flower Double Exposure Alonflower double exposure alon Petals Double Exposure Alonpetals double exposure alon Plant Double Exposure Alonplant double exposure alon Girl Double Exposure Alongirl double exposure alon Hair Double Exposure Alonhair double exposure alon Love Double Exposure Alonlove double exposure alon Lady Double Exposure Alonlady double exposure alon Man Double Exposure Alonman double exposure alon Gent Double Exposure Alongent double exposure alon Women Double Exposure Alonwomen double exposure alon Tree Double Exposure Alontree double exposure alon Branch Double Exposure Alonbranch double exposure alon Bridge Double Exposure Alonbridge double exposure alon Trees Double Exposure Alontrees double exposure alon Forest Double Exposure Alonforest double exposure alon

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