Melbourne Wedding Photography
Souri and Andreas (Husband and wife team) are a wonderful wedding photographers from Melbourne. They currently own the Fresh Photography in Melbourne. They love to travel and ofcourse follow their passion of photography. They are into wedding photogr
Marriage Proposal Photos by Vlad Leto
Wedding Photography: We have read in plenty of romance books, how the prince goes down on one knee and proposes to the beautiful princess asking her hand in marriage. Well these beautiful marriage proposal photos are of real people captured by the amazing photographer Vlad Leto. Vlad Leto is a Russian photographer who loves to catch the surprising look on couples who have just proposed. Vlad Leto hides himself in bushes or trees and captured these beautiful pre wedding photos. Vlad Leto is usually hired by the boyfriend or girlfriend...
Indian Wedding Photography
Indian Wedding Photography: If you are new to Indian wedding photography, then it’s good to learn a little about the wedding ceremonies, since Indian wedding ceremonies start few days before the actual date. A typical Indian wedding will start with mehndi ceremony, where the bride’s hands are adorned with beautiful henna. If it’s too expensive to hire a professional photographer for these ceremonies, it’s a good practise to carry your DSLR so the beautiful moments can be re lived for many years to come. Make...

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