20 Simply stunning portrait and sports photography works by Tim Tadder
Portrait Photography by Tim Tadder: Tim Tadder is a California based portrait photographer whose work has been recognized worldwide. According to Tim Tadder's Biography,"Tim Tadder is an internationally acclaimed photographic artist. In 2015
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Beauty Women Photos
Women Photos by Mihaela Noroc: Mihaela Noroc is a 30 year old fashion photographer from Bucharest in Romania. She loves to travel around the world and capture feminine beauty in all parts of the world. In this post we have included 30 Beautiful Women photos from around the world by Mihaela Noroc. Mihaela Noroc quit her job and started a project called "The Atlas of Beauty", where she wanted to show the world that beautiful women exist in all parts of the world. She has already travelled to 60 countries to carrying her...
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Beautiful Woman Portraits
'Atlas of Beauty' - is a beautiful series of women portraits from different walks of life. Photographer Mihaela Noroc enjoys travelling around the world with her camera. She is 33 years old and from Bucharest, Romania. 'Atlas of Beauty' - her recent publication with women portraits is her last 6 years journey to different countries. When she was 16 she discovered her passion for photography, but she couldn't pursue it full time due to financial restraints. She believes that all women are beautiful. She is in...
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Portrait Photography by Regina Pagles
Portrait Photography: Regina Pagles loves to take Portrait Photography as a hobby. She initially started out as a landscape photographer with her dad’s Nikon 2f. Once she went to the photoshop world and she was mesmerized by the lightings and studio effects. From then on it was goodbye landscape photos and became Hello portrait Photography. She does not take on paid assignments, she only shoots what inspires her. She believes that the joy of creativity and ownership will be lost, once they became as paid assignments. She loves...
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Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography: Through portrait photography, the subject’s emotions and personality can be captured within the frames. Most portrait photography focuses on the facial expressions, but sometimes the full pictures are also captured. Portrait Photography can also be pictures of a group of people or lone subjects. In this post we have included 25 Beautiful Portrait Photography by Tim Cavadini. Tim Cavadini is from Vienna and a popular lifestyle photographer. The light reflections on his portrait photography subjects are...
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Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography: When trying to do portrait photography, try to capture the people in the environment they are comfortable with. Not many people like to pose in the studios and if you are planning for portrait photography of children, anywhere except the studios will be comfortable for them. When trying children portrait photography, try to capture their pictures from their eye level, the pictures will have a pleasant feeling. Make use of the sunlight, by placing your subjects near the window, the reflections on the photos will...
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