10 Award Winning Macro Photographs of International Garden Photographer of the Year 2020
International Garden Photographer of the Year is a world premier photography talent hunt exhibition. 2020 Macro photography award winners have been released by IGPOTY and this year we have some stunning collections. As the name suggests IGPOTY mostly
SHARE11 Nov 2020
20 Unbelievable droplets of water - Water drops macro photography works by Dave Wood
In this post we have added 20 Beautiful Macro water drops photos for your inspiration. Water always fascinates photographers, when you take slow motion or macro waterdrops photography, you will be amazed by the realistic shadows and forms they cast, which are otherwise invisible to the eyes. Photographer Dave wood happened to stumble upon waterdrops photography when he borrowed his friend’s DSLR. Macro water drops became his passion from 2009. He loves to bring his favourite cartoon characters into the macro photography, by...
SHARE22 Oct 2020
Animal Eye Macro Photographs
Animal Eye Macro Photography by Suren Manvelyan: Suren Manvelyan is a nature photographer from Armenia. From the age of 16 he has been photographing and became a professional nature photographer in 2006. He also works as a teacher at Yerevan Waldorf School. Suren Manvelyan's nature photographs has been published in several popular magazines and newspapers worldwide. According to his website,"His latest popular series of close ups of a human eye – entitled “Your beautiful eyes,” together with a similar...
SHARE19 Oct 2020
Mushroom And Fungus Photography by Steve Axford
Mushroom and fungus photography sounds so exotic. It's wonderful to see so many different kinds of mushrooms in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Some of these mushroom photographs look like they are part of a fairytale. The beautiful pink umbrella shaped mushrooms won our hearts. We are not fully sure if they are edible or not. Most camera lenses and macro lenses work for fungus and mushroom photography. Since they are not present all year around and depending on climatic situations, photographers will find it tough to find...
SHARE07 Sep 2020
Macro Photography by Vadim Trunov
Macro Photography by Vadim Trunov: Russian Photographer, Vadim Trunov love for squirrels can be seen this squirrel macro photography series. His close encounters with squirrels allowed him to take fantastic shots of squirrels fighting and running around in different poses have given us some stunning images of squirrel photos. Recently Vadim Trunov published many macro photos he captured of squirrels which were building snowmen and some playing volleyball with nuts. It was funny to see the squirrels standing on top of the camera and...
SHARE03 Aug 2020
Macro Photography by Joni Niemela
Macro Photography: Macro Photography involves taking close up shots of people or animals. Through this macro photography, even the tiniest insect can be captured in the frames which are otherwise difficult to be observed. It's a great way to learn about the different kind of species living around us. In this post we have included 20 Amazing Macro Photography Joni Nimela for your inspiration.In this series Joni Nimela has focused on the carnivorous plants captured through the macro photography technique.Yes it sounds really scared...
SHARE29 Jun 2020
Macro Photography by John Cogan
Macro Photography by John Cogan: According to John Cogan's biography,"Amateur photographer since 2004 but became more serious about macro photography late 2009. Have a particular interest in insect macros. To clear the fears of anyone, I do NOT freeze or hinder my subjects in any manner. The photos are done in the field. I may be guilty though of feeding my subjects a little honey if they prove to be difficult and flighty models, all my insects have signed a model release, macro needed to see signature". According to...
SHARE15 Jun 2020
Macro Photography by Alexandra Baker
Macro Photography by Alexandra Baker: According to Alexandra Baker's biography,"From a very early age she was interested in drawing, painting and designing. Throughout her school years she was very much interested in I-Media, CAD and after schooling she was passionate about website designing". She has graduated from the York College with a degree in Graphic Design and in the four years of college life she had an interest in illustration, starting from doodle to the complete artwork. Now since she is living at the...
SHARE08 Jun 2020
Macro Photography by Joni Niemela
Macro Photography by Joni Niemela: Joni Niemela is a nature and macro photographer from Finland. Many of Joni Niemela's macro photography series have been published in popular magazines and advertisements. Some of Joni Niemela's clients are Adobe, Zenith, Pentax and so on. Joni Niemela loves to capture almost everything found in nature but has a strong passion towards macro photos. In this post we have added 20 Wonderful Macro Photography examples by Joni Niemela for your inspiration. According to Joni Niemela's website,...
SHARE26 May 2020
Macro Photography
Macro Photography: Macro photography is also known as closeup photography, where even tiny animals can be made to look really huge under the camera lens. Macro photography is an interesting technique used by photographers for many years, even a tiny drop of water can cause millions of reflections and they look totally awesome when they blown up by the camera. Macro photography can be used in the wildlife photos, where one can learn interesting structures of the animals. In this post we have included 25 amazing and stunning macro...
SHARE31 Oct 2016

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