20 Unbelievable droplets of water - Water drops macro photography works by Dave Wood


In this post we have added 20 Beautiful Macro water drops photos for your inspiration. Water always fascinates photographers, when you take slow motion or macro waterdrops photography, you will be amazed by the realistic shadows and forms they cast, which are otherwise invisible to the eyes. Photographer Dave wood happened to stumble upon waterdrops photography when he borrowed his friend’s DSLR. Macro water drops became his passion from 2009. He loves to bring his favourite cartoon characters into the macro photography, by doing photo manipulation works.

Water Drops Dave 1water drops dave 1 Water Drops Dave 2water drops dave 2 Water Drops Dave 3water drops dave 3 Water Drops Dave 4water drops dave 4 Water Drops Dave 5water drops dave 5 Water Drops Dave 6water drops dave 6 Water Drops Dave 7water drops dave 7 Water Drops Dave 8water drops dave 8 Water Drops Dave 9water drops dave 9 Water Drops Dave 10water drops dave 10 Water Drops Dave 11water drops dave 11 Water Drops Dave 12water drops dave 12 Water Drops Dave 13water drops dave 13 Water Drops Dave 14water drops dave 14 Water Drops Dave 15water drops dave 15 Water Drops Dave 16water drops dave 16 Water Drops Dave 17water drops dave 17 Water Drops Dave 18water drops dave 18 Water Drops Dave 19water drops dave 19 Water Drops Dave 20water drops dave 20

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