10 Latest Photography Books that will nourish your Creative Soul


The beauty of reading books is that it has the power to take you to places which you never dreamed of and it gives a break from gadgets and routine work.  For anyone who dreams to become a professional photographer it is certainly important to read a lot of books written by experts in their field which would increase their perspective on clicking a shot and will introduce new ideas. It can be an experienced professional photographer or a just a beginner, there is always something new to learn about their profession.  Here we have curated the latest and best photography books for every skill level, from beginner guide to detailed technique books.  Scroll down to select the best book on photography to develop your skill to become a successful photographer.

Better Photo Basics

Author Jim Miotke, the person behind online photography school BetterPhoto.com is the author of Better Photo Basics.  Including basics Jim has explained 20 common categories of photos, which includes family and pet portraits, flowers, sunsets,candids, close-ups and monochrome shots.  With easy english this could be a handy guide for children as well as adults who would like to learn and improve their skills in photography.

Best photography book betterphoto basics

best photography book betterphoto basics


The Headshot

A perfect headshot is the most essential need in this growing social-media age and professional portraitist Peter Hurley has explained excellent techniques of taking amazing headshots in this book.  Lighting and proper positioning makes the difference in the shots and the author shares his secrets of getting the right shot.  Hurley shares the genuine smiles and authentic expressions needed for a photo with life rather than the usual 'photo face'.

Best photography book the headshots

best photography book the headshots

The Art of Photography 2nd Edition

This book authored by Bruce Barnbaum was first published in 1994, which serves as the classic of photography instruction.  The book teaches the photographer to take one good shot instead of clicking hundreds of shots to take one good shot.  This book is for those who are good in tools and techniques but still failing to get that perfect photo.  This is a personal approach to artistic expression.

Best photography book the art of photography

best photography book the art of photography

Studio Anywhere

Nick Fancher, the author of this book has shared ideas for taking ideal shots in any kind of location.  The conventional photo studio with light,space and ambience cannot be considered always in the real world and hence the need for out of the box thinking arises.  Nick explains the process of taking professional looking shots in the worst places through behind the scenes of his own photo shoots.

Best photography book studio anywhere

best photography book studio anywhere

Extraordinary Everyday Photography

Thinking Different is the key to stunning shots is the essence of this book authored by Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring.  The book focuses on creativity more than techniques and it is full of tips and exercises.  This book is best for amateur photographers who still lack vision to discover their photographic skill.  Authors teach you to use composition, available light,colour and different point of views to increase the quality of your photos.
Best photography book extraordinary everyday photography

best photography book extraordinary everyday photography

Understanding Exposure

This illustrated book gives valuable tips on light, aperture and shutter speed which would help the photographer to click a successful shot in any location.  The book is authored by Bryan Peterson, founder of www.ppsop.com and Peterson.  This book gives deep ideas on understanding exposure for experienced beginner or an intermediate photographer who likes to improve their visual quality.

Best photography book understanding exposure

best photography book understanding exposure

Hashtag Authentic

Social media rules the world and Instagram is part of our everyday life. Author Sara Tasker has shared the ideas of building a powerful photo community on Instagram which she achieved in a few months of her entry.  This is the book for people who look for creating a successful instagram account which is profitable and to turn your account into the best imagery online.  Sara has given expert tips in a friendly way and has explained how a successful Instagram account can do wonders in your business if approached properly.

Best photography book hashtag authentic

best photography book hashtag authentic


Sebastiao Salgado is a world renowned contemporary documentary photographer who documented some of the very few areas of Earth that are untouched by man in her beautiful collection Genesis.  Sebastiao feels that nature speaks through her camera in Genesis and she loves to listen to it.  The book is loaded with hundreds of inspirational images which provokes the spirit of every photographer.

Best photography book genesis

best photography book genesis

Masters of Street Photography

This is a curated collection of works by sixteen leading practitioners of street photography.  The book is an ideal introduction to this ever growing genre and is authored by Rob Yarham.  Every chapter has interviews of photographers and gives an insight to readers on their artistic missions and explains the techniques too.  Each photographer is assigned a chapter title for example flash by The Bragdon Brothers, it reveals the best organisation of this book.

Best photography book masters of street photography

best photography book masters of street photography

50 Portraits

This is the first ever collection of photographer Gregory Heisler, which tells the story of how each and every portrait was made.  The author is best known for his work for Time Magazine, including a number of Man, Person and People of the Year covers.  This book will help you master world class portraiture and would reveal the techniques of a master photographer.  Heisler gives insights of each portrait and its creative and technical processing in this book.

Best photography book 50 portraits

best photography book 50 portraits

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