Animalia International photo contest submit your entries before December 14 2016


The centre for fine arts photography is a non profit organisation founded in 2004 by photographers to support the photographic artists through exhibition,promotion,education and connection to a large community of artists,curators,gallery owners and industry leading photographic professionals. Through themed call for entry photographic artists are offered chance to have their works assessed by leading professionals in the industry. Amateurs and professionals from around the world can submit their entries.

All forms of photography,from hand-built cameras to modern digital processes are accepted. The freedom of artists interpretation over the theme brings amazing results. Every show involves innovative imagination and emerging trends in the industry. Artists selected for exhibition by our Juror are invited to attend the Artist Immersion Weekend. All selected artists are included in the Main Gallery Exhibition and Online Gallery seen by an international audience.

THEME | Animalia
Wild, Worshiped, Caged, Cuddled, Feared, Intelligent, Fabled, Family, Demonized, Eaten, Loved, Endangered, Hunted, Protected, Sentient. It’s complicated. All capture types and photographic processes are eligible for natural selection.

Juror's Award : $400.00
Director's Award : $200.00
Honorable Mention Awards : 1 year membership and a 3 image submission to a Call for Entry at centre for fine art photography.

In addition artists’ selected for the exhibition will also receive: Promotion on The Center’s large social media platforms. Professional installation images for your use. In-gallery and online exhibition with links to artists’ websites Press releases are sent to artists’ choice of media outlets.

CLOSING DATE: December 14, 2016

For Members : $29 for the three images.
For Non-Members : $35 for the first three images.
Additional Images may be submitted for $9 each for members and $10 each for non-members.

Previous Year Winning Images:

call for entry photo contest call for entry photo contest call for entry photo contest call for entry photo contest call for entry photo contest

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