Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest 2016


Looking at the funny side of the animal kingdom, the awards are focussed to conserve wildlife through competition. Themed at the comical side of the animals these photography contests are held by institutions like the National Geographic and the London's Natural History Museum.The silliness of the animals are best enjoyed and admired through this competitions.

Six Categories of the Contest:

Nikon Creatures of the Land
Kenya Airways Creatures in the Air
One Vision Imaging Junior
Amazing Internet Portfolio
Underwater and Alex Walker Serian’s Video Clips.

The contestants can submit only six images and two videos, and each entry must come one of the above mentioned six categories. Working together with the Born Free Foundation, an animal welfare charity that aims to “keep wildlife in the wild,” the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards call attention to the importance of preserving and protecting our planet—one hilarious photo at a time.

Last date for submission of your funny images to Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is October 1 ,2016.
Submit your entries here

Few Adorable Images Of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
comedy wildlife award comedy wildlife awards comedy wildlife awards comedy wildlife awards comedy wildlife awards

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