Legendary Asian American Photographer Corky Lee Dies of Covid

The legendary photographer Corky Lee, who spent half a century in documenting a community that had long been unseen has passed away due to Covid complications.  To him his works which appeared in New York Times, Time Magazine and the Associated press, is an act of "photographic justice".  Mr.Lee's interest in photography dates back to time when he studied the iconic photograph marking the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States.  This photograph had none of the chinese labourers who worked for the project which made him think of photographic justice.  Mr.Lee ones told publication As AmNews, " I had to think that every time i take my camera out of my bag, it is like drawing a sword to combat indifference, injustice and discrimination and trying to get rid of stereotypes".  Such a wonderful human and the legendary photojournalist died in New York due to covid-19 infection.


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