Constructed Patterns Photography Contest Open for Entries by 500px


The contest aims to bring out the unexpected patterns we see in our daily lives and frame them in a captivating way.  To click a photograph in this way one needs to look at the world around in an unconventional way and capture the different patterns created by human intervention.  Editors are looking for different odd shapes constructed by man, be it products or structures.  It can be an alignment of different colours in a playful sense or lining up of subjects to form patterns like triangle, circle or rectangle.  500px is one of the largest online platforms that help professional and amateur photographers showcase their talent to the world.  Aspiring photographers reach out to their peers and learn professional techniques through 500px.  Photographers are requested to submit fresh photographs with different perspectives for the contest.
Contest Rules

The photo must adhere to the theme.
The photo must be your own.
Contestants should be a member of 500px.


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