20 Stunning Night Photography Examples And Ideas


Night Photography

Night Photography: Most DSLR owners love to take night photography as it’s quite a challenging field. The night life or even the city building adds more drama to the night photography. Here are some tips for beginners who would like to start their career in night photography. Step 1: Always capture high quality images using RAW, it allows to adjust the exposure post production. Step 2: Since you need to take sharp images, with slow shutter speeds, it’s good to carry a tripod as it allows you to take sharper images. Step 3: Play around with apertures f/8 – f/16, you can get different effects like a starburst effect on the street. Step 4: Make sure you use self timers on your camera as even the slightest touch will produce blurred images. In this post we have included 20 Amazing Night photography examples for your inspiration.

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